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EV Chargers are another product that the Power System Company is serving to their consumers and customers in both commercials and residential areas for usage.

Power System Company understands the future of the world, which will face different challenges due to Climatic and Wind Changes.

As a responsible production company of power-saving systems, we are investing money in the production of reliable, highly-integrated, flexible, and grid-based systems.

Investments in the energy renewable, especially in the offshore, and solar energy consumption regions, we are working enthusiastically to produce the most reliable systems that match the demand of consumers.

With the assistance of our affiliates and partners, we are working immensely on the relevant usage of photovoltaic solar, onshore, and offshore wind power generation.

We started with the production of AC Chargers of 3kW to 7kW for single-phase and then started offering 7kW to 50kW due to massive demand in consumption of energy and power.

We usually choose IoT, and other sensors to collect the information about the weather, and climate to make the results vibrant, and the optimal production of chargers, and inverters that matches the commercial demands.

Here are the types of EV Charges, based on the concept of Renewable energy, and flexible power consumption,

  1. AC charger
  2. DC Charger
  3. Monitoring Systems – Station/Center