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Solar Energy based PV inverter, is another product, in the product line of Power Systems Company.

The primary purpose of these inverters is to convert variable direct current, called (DC) output of a photovoltaic solar panel into alternating current (AC) using efficient energy conversion techniques, and strategies.

By using such cost-saving energy techniques, the power and energy bill will be reduced instantly to 15 - 20% completely lowering the overhead on the consumer’s previous energy consumption technique.

These kinds of solar energy inverters, as utilized mostly in a commercial area, as the bill produced due to the wider usage of energy is raised to a higher peak value, as compared to usual usage.

Energy consumption has increased drastically in the previous years, and according to a report, 4.7 million commercial buildings are consuming the energy, and power both for their vehicles, and transports.

80% of the energy is consumed in Gulf Areas, and various energy consumption areas, due to extended energy usage, and less production.

Due to this unbalanced consumption, Solar Energy PV inverters from different companies are chosen as an alternative, to keep the usage optimized, and effective.

Power System Company are producing;

  1. String Inverter
  2. Central Inverter
  3. PV Combiner Box
  4. Monitoring Systems