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In 2003, the first Energy Saving Company was initiated in Kuwait, with the core competence of producing Power Saving, and Renewal Devices.

The founder of the company has a vibrant vision, and that was to serve the inhabitants of Kuwait with efficient, reliable, and highly-integrated Power Saving Devices, which helps in lowering power usage.

Due to his immense efforts, now Power System Company has its own brand identity in the Middle East and is known as the FIRST INDEPENDENT POWER SOLUTION, serving power-saving techniques.

Today, The Power Systems Company is on the inception of creating a benchmark in the Middle East, Africa, America, and Europe.

The core vision of PSCO Energy is to enhance the production of energy, with efficient power savings ways.

To make the world eco-friendly, we always strive to create a brighter insight into the world and produce more precise energy.

Our products, like EV Chargers, PV inverter, and Energy Saving System, are manufacture with a distinct vision that we want to reconstruct the inclinations in the energy section.

 It can only be attainable with efficient use of Power Plant, and Transmission Solutions reach inception in real estate investors lowering the energy consumption immensely.

With such a goal-setting, our customers have flourished and attained benefits in different power saving means, like energy increases, higher potency & process loyalty, longer machinery continuance, and acquiescence with the grid codes.

Due to the massive growth in the demand for Energy in North America, and Worldwide it is expected that shortly, a huge demand will be observed by the consumers that help them in saving the electric energy for efficient usage.

Power Systems can be installed at several levels of an electrical system to enhance the operational performance and reliability massively.

We, as an organization are always required to carry the best energy-saving solution to our consumers, to modify the world into eco-friendly.