Facility Management

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Facility Management

Facility management is a growing industry with immense potential for growth. Power Systems Co facility management companies are in high demand due to the country’s rapidly expanding economy and population.

In this article, we give you more insights into facility management in the United Arab Emirates, along with its different services that can aid you in your supply chain management needs.

What is Facility Management?

Facility management is the practice of managing and organizing the operation of a facility. It encompasses all aspects of running a property, from engineering and maintenance to human resources and finance. The goal of facility management is to ensure that the property is functioning at its best and meeting the needs of its occupants.

This industry has grown rapidly in recent years as businesses have come to realize the importance of having a dedicated team manage their properties.

Types of Facilities

Facility managers can manage a variety of facilities, including:

The Different Services of Facility Management

What are soft services?
Soft services are the non-technical aspects of facility management. They include things like catering, janitorial services, and security.

What are hard services?
Hard services are the technical aspects of facility management. They include things like engineering, maintenance, and HVAC.

The different services that a facility manager can offer vary depending on the company’s size and specialization.

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